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The Arabic language..existence or disappearance?

Existence or disappearance…? Arabic

language journey

Languages are born from the womb of peoples, so they either continue or die and be forgotten. Imagine the journey of the Arabic language, starting with the first person who spoke it, our master Ismail, peace be upon him, passing through our master Muhammad, peace be upon him, and the revelation of the Qur’an with it, and its struggle with previous times, as how many times the West tried in its occupation of Arab countries to eliminate On the Arabic language by imposing its language and obliterating the Arabic language, but it exceeded this to reach us in its current form, preserving its charm and advantages.

Her struggle with time

However, what we are exposed to from the creep of globalization and the subsequent wars that we lived through and separated in the countries of the West weakened the expansion of the Arabic language and caused a distortion in the Arab identity, especially among our children, whose parents sought in the process of their integration into the new societies, forgetting or unaware. On the importance of the roots of the Arabic language in the minds of their children, they are surprised over time by their children’s lack of linguistic abilities in the Arabic language, whether in reading or writing, due to the disappearance of the language from the tongues of their children.

Language fade

 The language is like a living organism that changes according to the strength of its people, so some parents went to rectify the situation by searching for schools that care about the Arabic language and working to transfer their children there. Some resort to enrolling their children only on holidays in language lessons Arabic according to what is available to them in the countries in which they live, and this leads to the child getting bored in turn, and he has no time on vacation to play with it, except that all of this does not bear fruit without follow-up by the parents and an effort on their part. towards their children.


As a result of all this, the Arab countries were classified as suffering from an identity crisis, in addition to the political, social and cultural changes that have occurred in the country.  And providing innovative methods  to protect the mother tongue, especially for children, due to the importance of what the mother tongue means and offers in building the child’s intellectual and cultural personality.

solutions and recovery

Intellectuals and students of knowledge who have dedicated themselves to serving the Arabic language have resorted to many ways to enhance this language by providing means for parents that contribute to supporting their children and teaching them the language through innovative and modern applications to teach the Arabic language away from boredom. To support the children’s favorite games system, and away from technology, there are those who have developed the first means of learning in touching the forms of Arabic letters and working on their installation through words and sentences, and this in turn works to consolidate learning in the child’s mind and nourish his imagination.

Ikram Abu Samra

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